Photographer: Jeff Low

Musicians featured above: Brian, Jeanette, Anne, Asyeeqah, Jocelyn, Zachary

Festival: "#19 Community House" in Open Homes, Singapore International Festival of Arts

Founded in 2009 by a group of students from Lasalle College of the Arts, with their gamelan teacher, Joyce Teo, BronzAge Gamelan has grown to include gamelan music enthusiasts from other tertiary institutions as well as several freelance professional musicians. The ensemble also collaborates with local and regional musicians to create unique and original pieces of music. Since its inception, BronzAge Gamelan has performed at several overseas festivals such as the Shanghai International Children’s Theatre Festival (2009); the 15th Yogya Gamelan Festival (2010) and the Inaugural Gamelan Forum in Bangkok (2010), Hyderabad Writers' Festival (2016), as well as at various local events.

BronzAge Gamelan has also put up an original work at the Arts House, conceptualised by Joyce Teo and featuring Storyteller Rosemarie Somaiah, "Darkness and Light" for the Singapore Writers' Festival (2014) which tells the folktales of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia adapted by award-winning poet, Yong Shu Hoong. The ensemble has recorded a piece with Rudra for their EP as well as performed with The Observatory Band for their album launch, "The Continuum" and toured with them in Yokohama, Japan (2016). In 2017, the members of BronzAge Gamelan are embarking on a personal project to compose a new work each for Javanese gamelan.