Celebrating 10 Years of Gamelan together

This year marks the 10th anniversary of BronzAge Gamelan. What a journey it has been from 2009!

We’ve travelled to China, Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia, bringing what we could. Spent many weeks rehearsing together, sometimes just for fun. Sent off old members, welcomed new ones. Joined festivals, dropped out of festivals. Became very much stagnant when everyone started graduating from university, some moving to live abroad and some busy with kids. Tried out different combinations of instruments for different gadhon configurations, while also trying to convince people that they will never be able to get a 12 ensemble group for $500 or for exposure. But all in all, still having fun making music together somehow.

We hope this year brings new ideas to the table with lots more music installed for us all. Some of us are playing with various other gamelan groups in Singapore. Catch us around!