Our Musicians

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Anne Choo

Anne has a keen interest in the playing traditions of Asian music and loves to pick up new instruments. A founding member of BronzAge Gamelan, Anne holds a BA(Hons) in Classical Piano performance as well as a MMUS Performance in Gamelan from SOAS (UoL). She is a full-time music instructor and manages BronzAge Gamelan on the side. She is also a registered PA Trainer and AMIS Instructor.


JEanette Tjoeng

Jeanette, a founding member of BronzAge Gamelan, has been actively involved with the group since it's inception. She found her interest in gamelan when she was introduced to this art from during her study at Lasalle. She holds a BA (Hons) in Jazz Piano Performance, a diploma in Piano Teaching and is also a registered music instructor under AMIS. Jeanette is a current student of the Masters in Music Education program at NIE/NTU. Her research interest lies in the local gamelan music scene.

Neil Chua

Neil's ability to bond different cultures into his music led to an invitation to Yoyo-Ma's Silkroad's Global Musicians Workshop and the honour of representing Malaysia in U.S. International Music Exchange programme - One Beat. He is also the founder of Ruanatworkz Musical Arts, a non-profit society which promotes culture, music and other forms of traditional values.



Zachary first encountered karawitan during his diploma program at Republic Polytechnic. His was originally driven by a curiosity towards the timbre and tuning systems of gamelan, which eventually brought him to Bronzage in 2012. Since then, with Bronzage, he has met new people and made many friends around the world. Playing gamelan has additionally helped him to develop an interest in the art and culture of pre-colonial Java, as well as negotiate with the meaning of his identity as a Southeast Asian. He is currently in his 3rd year of undergraduate study at Nanyang Technological University majoring in Visual Communications.



Asyeeqah was first introduced to Gamelan music in primary school when she had to play for the Singapore Youth Festival. Little did she know that it became her passion in college at LASALLE College of The Arts. Her interest in Gamelan grew and she started participating actively in gamelan performances in LASALLE, as well as with BronzAge both locally and internationally.


Jocelyn Tan

Jocelyn is an aspiring multi-instrumentalist and composer, whose instrument specialties include the sheng, gamelan and piano. Jocelyn's first foray into the world of gamelan playing was in 2013, as part of her school curriculum; intrigues by its culture, she subsequently joined BronzAge Gamelan in the same year.


Soh Hui Shi

Hui Shi is pursuing her undergraduate studies at SIM University in Accountancy. She has a side interest in musicology and playing the piano and cello. She first learnt about Indonesian traditional miss from the O and A level music course, and is particularly interested in examining the influences that gamelan has on composers of the western tradition such as Debussy and Steve Reich.


Brian Lim

Brian was first exposed to gamelan through his studies on ethnomusicology for 'O' Level Music in secondary school. He later also studied gamelan for his ‘A’ Level Music in Junior College. He was introduced to BronzAge gamelan in April 2014. Brian also plays the clarinet with the Philharmonic Youth Winds and the Saints Alumni Band, and sings with the SYC Ensemble Singers. Brian is currently an undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he majors in Psychology.



Joyce is a current part-time lecturer at NAFA and Republic Polytechnic after retiring from full time teaching in the Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management programme at Republic Polytechnic. Best known for her efforts in developing interest in Gamelan and Asian Music among Singaporeans and abroad, Joyce has composed, directed and performed at various local and international festivals.
Joyce is currently advisor and mentor to BronzAge Gamelan Ensemble and external assessor for the National Arts Council.


Vincent Lee

Vincent has played the tuba since young and still enjoys doing so on the side. He is currently the Brass Leader and Principal Tubst of the Philharmonic Winds Youth Orchestra and Vice President of the Saints Alumni Band. He decided to pick up the gamelan to challenge himself musically and finds learning new musical sounds, syntax and vocabulary very exciting! Vincent loves anything philosophy and film.